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Getting ready for your DKT (Driver Knowledge Test)

Are you ready to take on the NSW MyRTA driver knowledge test?

Prepping to get your learner's permit or driver licence can be stressful without a little help. Visit to access free practice tests to help you study and highlight any areas that may need a little work before you take your exam with your personal Challenge Bank™.
The questions are based on the official New South Wales Road Users’ Handbook and will look almost identical to what you’ll see when you take the actual driver knowledge test. You’ll have questions on road signs and rules, fines and limits, road safety, and traffic regulations, so there can be a lot to learn!
Study up using the Driver’s Handbook tab and then test your knowledge with the Practice Tests that can help you along with hints and explanations. Finally, use the Test Simulator to see how you’ll fare taking the actual RTA exam. Whether you’re planning a fun trip to Sydney, a relaxing beach day at Bondi Beach, or an invigorating day of surfing at Byron Bay, the thrills of New South Wales are ready and waiting for you to hop in the car and make your way.
Good luck!