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Memorial Boxes from The Australian War Memorial

Put your hands on history with these engaging learning resources for any age. The Australian War Memorial memorial boxes are filled with real and replica uniforms, equipment, artifacts and more. They're supported by a range of case studies and activities which are available at

Memorial Box 1 - Australians in the First World War
Memorial Box 1 - Australians in the First World War
Memorial Boxes can be used to invigorate classroom lessons, inspire historical investigation, and add meaning to commemorative activities. They can also be adapted for use as a therapeutic tool in an aged care facility or as an interactive display in a community museum.
The Memorial Box program is curriculum aligned and can be used in a wide variety of ways including:
  • invigorating classroom lessons
  • inspiring historical investigation
  • adding meaning to commemorative activities
  • as an interactive display in a community museum
  • as a therapeutic tool in an aged-care facility 

The Boxes

Box 1
Memorial Box 1 - Australia in the First World War
This Box is filled with real and replica uniforms, equipment and artifacts from the First World War. It includes objects that explore the Anzac experience, as well as the contribution of Australian sailors, airmen, nurses, and those at home during a defining period in our nation's history.
Box 2
Memorial Box 2 - Australia in Wartime and Peacekeeping Operations since 1946
This Memorial Box includes real and replica items relating to Australian experiences in wartime and peacekeeping since the end of the Second World War. Through objects, images, and online resources, students can explore Australia’s involvement in places such as Korea, Vietnam, East Timor, Bougainville, and Afghanistan.
Box 4
Memorial Box 4 - Australia in the Second World War
This Memorial Box explores the Australian experience of the Second World War - the war that seemed to affect every aspect of life as Australia itself came under attack. Almost a million Australians served, at home and abroad; on land, at sea, or in the air. Their stories come to life as you unpack the real and replica Second World War items in this Box.

If you are interested in borrowing a Memorial Box, or would like to learn more about them and their features, please contact our administration on 02 6625 5100 or email

To make a booking request please fill out the booking request here

Once booking approval has been received. Recipients will need to sign and return the Memorial Box Loan Agreement. 

The boxes are able to be collected and returned to any of our library branches at no cost or can be delivered to other locations via courier (at your expense).

Links to the Australian Curriculum

The Memorial Box program has been designed to align with the History learning area of the Australian Curriculum. Find out more about curriculum relevance.

Risk assessment

Be sure to read the Memorial Box risk assessment before borrowing or using a Box.

Online resources

Online case studies and activities have been developed for each Memorial Box. Additional classroom resources, such as A Very Special Day, are also available.

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