The library offers a wide variety of facilities, services and programs across the region.


International Languages

Through your local public library, you can borrow physical books and audiobooks in over 40 languages with thanks to the State Library of New South Wales.

Collections include fiction and popular nonfiction such as history, poetry, drama, cookery, medical information, and resources for children such as picture books, nursery rhymes, bilingual books, and sound recordings. Large print and audio books in some languages are also collected.

You can also use the Community Language Collection Directory to locate language collections held in public libraries across New South Wales. For further information contact your local library.

International Newspapers

 is a service which allows anyone who lives in NSW to read newspapers in other languages from home. Over 4,000 international newspapers and magazines from more than 100 countries and in 60 languages are available.
To access this service you will need your library membership card. Click HERE and follow the prompts to register your library card with the State Library to acess their entire range of eResouces. Access press reader HERE.