Richmond Tweed Regional Library


Engage with all the offerings of your library online; eBooks, eAudiobooks & more


Online Membership

We are pleased to be able to offer you access to our 24/7 digital library service. RTRL's 24/7 digital library will provide you with access to a great range of eAudiobooks, eBooks and digital magazines via our online resources BorrowBox and RBdigital. Join online, then come into the library and pick up your membership card which allows you access to our physical collection as well as our other online resources. We will require some identification with your name and address on it to finalise your membership.

In addition to BorrowBox and RBdigital, you can also access more online reading here!

Click here to create an online membership.

Please note: if you are currently a member of the library you do not need to create an online membership, you already have access to these online resources, plus more!  View our eLibrary page here to see whats available or contact your local branch here for more information.





How to use BorrowBox

To sign in to BorrowBox, use your temporary borrower ID that was issued to you and the password you created when you joined online. Your temporary borrower ID will begin with C, have four numbers and end with D, e.g. C1234D.

To access BorrowBox, please click the link below (or you can download the app onto a smart phone or tablet through your app store).

To login, click the green "Sign In" button in the top right corner of the webpage. On your first sign in, you will be asked to enter additional details such as your email address.

Once signed in, find an item you would like to borrow, click on the title, then select the green "Borrow" button.

You will then be asked to confirm your loan. Once confirmed, instructions for downloading the eBook or eAudiobook will be available. You can also do this on your mobile device while using the Borrowbox app.

BorrowBox loans are ‘one loan per title’ and you can reserve items that are currently on loan.




How to use RBdigital

For RBdigital you will need to register for an account using your temporary borrower ID and by filling in the required details. Your temporary borrower ID was issued to you when you joined online and it will begin with C, have four numbers and end with D, e.g. C1234D. 

To access RBdigital, please click on the link below (or you can download the app onto a smart phone or tablet through your app store). 

Select "Register" in the top right corner of the webpage and fill in the required details when prompted. Enter your temporary borrower ID in the "library card" section. Please create a new password for RBdigital.

Alternatively you can register by downloading the RBdigital app from your app store onto your mobile device, selecting "Not a member? Register Now" and filling in the required details.
Please note: if you register through the RBdigital app you will need to select ‘Richmond-Tweed Regional Library’ as your library.

Once you are logged in to RBdigital, click the three stacked lines to change between viewing eBooks, eAudiobooks and magazines. Find an item you would like to borrow, select the red "Checkout" button to borrow the item, then click the green "Play now", "Download" or "Read" button.

RBdigital allows simultaneous loans and there are no reservations.