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Online Research and Study

Authoritative and trusted information is vital, and for more than 60 years, Gale has partnered with libraries around the world to empower the discovery of knowledge and insights by all people, for all purposes.

Search through the resources below, which are free to all library members, and click on an area of interest.

To find out how to use these great online resources, and to get the most out of your research, visit the Gale support centre at www.support.gale.com/training/browse and search for resource guides, tip sheets, and video tutorials. Enter your library card number to log in.

National Geographic Virtual Library

Browse this cross-searchable platform for research insight from journalism's most trusted name in exploration and discovery. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/NGMA?u=richmondtweed

National Geographic Kids

Explore amazing adventures in science, nature, culture, archaeology, and space. Best for children aged 6 to 14 years. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/NGMK?u=richmondtweed

Gale Onefile: Australia and New Zealand

Access comprehensive periodical content with a focus on Australia and New Zealand, complemented by global news, reference, and multimedia coverage. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/EANZ?u=richmondtweed

Gale General Onefile

Access general interest magazines and key serials in a single resource. Best for general research. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/ITOF?u=richmondtweed

Gale Health and Wellness

Search a full range of health-related issues, from current disease and disorder information to alternative medical practices. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/HWRC?u=richmondtweed

Gale Business Insights: Global

Compare global economies, countries, and industries with in-depth analysis on over 400,000 companies. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/BIG?u=richmondtweed

Gale OneFile: Health and Medicine

Find up-to-date information on a range of health care topics. Best for students, researchers, and health care professionals. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/HRCA?u=richmondtweed

Gale OneFile: Psychology

Find authoritative periodical content supporting research in all fields of psychology. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/PPPC?u=richmondtweed

Gale OneFile: Culinary Arts

Find a variety of information from major cooking and nutrition magazines as well as key reference titles. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/PPCA?u=richmondtweed

Gale OneFile: Gardening and Horticulture

Find millions of articles on the practical and scientific aspects of horticulture studies. For all horticultural enthusiasts. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/PPGL?u=richmondtweed

Gale OneFile: Home Improvement

Search home improvement topics such as architectural techniques, tool and material selection, zoning requirements, and more. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/PPHI?u=richmondtweed

Gale Interactive Science

Manipulate 3D interactive models to visualize and understand concepts in biology, chemistry, earth, and space science. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/ISSCI?u=richmondtweed

Gale OneFile: News

Access major U.S. and international newspapers online to search articles instantly by title, headline, date, or other fields. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/STND?u=richmondtweed

Gale Literature Resource Centre

Find up-to-date biographies, overviews, full-text criticisms, audio interviews, and reviews on writers from all eras. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/LitRC?u=richmondtweed

Gale Books and Authors

Answer the age-old question, “What do I read next?” Search and match reading interests to books, authors, genres, or topics. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/BNA?u=richmondtweed

Gale in Context: Biography

Discover the world's most influential people by searching narrative biographies, news, magazine, and multimedia content. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/BIC?u=richmondtweed

Gale in Context: Global Issues

Analyse important global issues and events through topic overviews, international viewpoints, news, and multimedia content. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/GIC?u=richmondtweed

Gale in Context: Environmental Studies

Understand environmental issues that affect people globally through topic overviews, journals, news, and multimedia content. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/GRNR?u=richmondtweed

Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints

Find overviews, news, and opinions on hundreds of today's important social issues. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/OVIC?u=richmondtweed

Gale in Context: Science

Understand context for hundreds of science topics through overviews, journals, news, interactive experiments, and more. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/SCIC?u=richmondtweed

Gale in Context: World History

Uncover information on hundreds of the most significant people, events, and topics in world history from a variety of sources. Access at https://link.gale.com/apps/WHIC?u=richmondtweed

Other online research tools

State Library of NSW eResources

Your library card gives you access to the State Library's extended suite of eResources such as international and local newspapers, eBooks, online databases, eMagazines, eJournals, and encyclopaedias.

Internet History Resources

Over 30,000 pages of online records for family history research in New South Wales.

Ancestry Library Edition

From 1 January 2022 library members can use Ancestry Library Edition from public PCs or personal devices while inside the library. Speak with library staff for assistance accessing this incredible family history research platform for free using your library membership.
Click HERE to access in the library.

The Cochrane Library

A collection of databases containing different types of high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making.

Britannica Library

Accessible from home with your library card number. Britanica Library is more than an encyclopedia. It contains comprehensive information in a variey of formats for all ages.

Cattle Dip Locator

This database contains historical information regarding cattle dip sites in the Northern Rivers region that the NSW Government was involved with.