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RecycleRight Scratch coding games project 2019

Richmond Tweed Regional Library (RTRL) and four of our member councils are happy to present the best projects from our 2019 RecycleRight Coding program. 
As our communities move towards new recycling changes, the RecyleRight coding program challenged local coders to create games and animations that can help teach our communities how to recycle. This fun program allowed participants to explore our new recycling rules, and create dynamic ways to show others how to RecycleRight. Over one hundred coders participated across RTRL, with the majority aged between seven to twelve years.   
To learn more about the recent recycling changes in your area, visit
We hope you have as much fun playing the games as we did making them.

Below are some of the games from our community. Have fun and enjoy. All care has been taken to ensure the content is appropriate for audiences and all links are provided in good faith however no responsibility is taken by RTRL for linked content. 


NoodleJ – Binchicken
How to play: Click on the Ibis and answer which bin the waste should go in. 

Grace895 – Screaming rubbish
How to play: Catch all the falling waste in the correct bin. 
•    Use left and right arrow keys to move Organics bin
•    Use Number pad 4 and number pad 6 for Recycling bin
•    Use Up and down arrow key for landfill bin

Rappper – Space rubbish
How to play: up arrow to go up, down arrow to go down. Space-bar to shoot, don't hit the cardboard hit the plastic to gain points. Don't let them hit you. IT IS HARD!!!!0

KiwifruitPiano – RecycleRight Ladybug quest
How to play: Help the ladybug clean up! Use the arrow keys to move. Press M to pick up an object. Press C to let go or put in bin. Move to the pink arrow to go to the next area.

Robinhood400 – Recycling Game
How to play: Press and hold space bar and aim with the mouse for the right bin. 

Frogggy – Trash toss
How to play: -Click 'skin' as much as you want to select your skin. -Hit play -Hold space to increase your 'throw charge', the higher it is, the further the trash will go. Aim for 14-15 when you release the space bar.

Xavierdeutsher – Catch the rubbish
How to play: Catch all the falling waste in the correct bin. Up to 3 people can play. 
•    Use arrow keys to move recycling bin
•    Use A and B to move landfill bin
•    Use C and D to move organics bin

Tweed Heads

Wowsnow47 – Recycling collector maze
How to play: press up to go up and down to go down,left and right to go left and right. collect the recycling .

Billymcjiggles – Zombies are recyclable
How to play: You Press 1 To Get The First Zombie To Come 2 For the Second Ext Ext You Press Space To Shoot After You Kill A Zombie You Have To Put The Rubbish In The Right Bin Hover The Piece Of Rubbish Over The Bin Then Click When You've Made Your Decision

lyndallyay – Recycle
How to play: Drag the items to the correct bin and double click on them to score

Lennox Head

Kingofgames5 – Easy organic and waste game

“Scratch is a project of the Scratch Foundation, in collaboration with the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT Media Lab. It is available for free at”

Special thanks to Selina Ryan at Tweed Heads Public Library for the program idea, and Barbara Jensen at Lismore City Council for the RecycleRight materials.