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Find your next great book, connect with other readers, or explore the world of literature


Find your next great book, connect with other readers, or explore the world of literature

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Book Clubs

Richmond Tweed Regional Library is offering a new bulk borrowing service to book clubs. As of July 1 Book Clubs will be entitled to borrow our new Book Club Sets.

What is a Book Club Set?

A Book Club Set is a box of 10 copies of a selected title. Each box is available for loan to a designated Book Club Coordinator for a period of 6 weeks.

What is a Book Club Coordinator?

It is recommended that each Book Club designate a member who will become the liaison person between the Library and the Book Club. This designated person can apply to the Library to have a Book Club Coordinator library membership card issued for the Book Club and will be responsible for borrowing and returning the Book Club Sets. Book Club Sets can only be reserved and borrowed using a Book Club Coordinator card.

Does it cost to join?

It is free to obtain a Book Club Coordinator card but it does cost $2 per book per Book Club member, up to $20.00 per year. Book Clubs can either choose to pay $20.00 per Book Club member per year up front or pay $2.00 per book per Set. All money collected will be used to purchase new Book Club Sets.

Who chooses the books?

Book Clubs who are members of the Richmond Tweed Regional Library can offer suggestions to the Library for purchase. Sets will be purchased 4 times per year.

How do I join?

If you are the nominated representative of your Book Club, come into any RTRL branch and join as a Book Club Coordinator. You will need to give the library the names of the members of your Book Club, so we can add this to your Club's library card.

Once the Library card has been obtained and member's names given, the Book Club Sets can be reserved either online via our library catalogue or by asking staff to reserve them for you.

The holder of the Book Club Coordinator card can reserve 3 Book Club Sets at one time, however only 2 Sets at a time can be borrowed.

Click here to see a list of Book Club Sets and reserve items.

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