Find your next great book, connect with other readers, or explore the world of literature


Find your next great book, connect with other readers, or explore the world of literature

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Book Clubs


Want to join a book club? Or maybe even create one of your own? We've got the space and the books to support you!

What are book clubs?

Traditionally, book clubs are reading groups made up of several individuals who meet in person at regular intervals–usually each month–to discuss a specific book. The gatherings tend to be personal since members have the chance to meet often and face-to-face, so they usually have a strong social dimension.

All club members read the same book at the same time and then meet to discuss the book. These discussion are often lively, passionate, and fun!

Want to join a book club?

Contact your local library branch about vacancies in an existing club, or you can create a club of your own! Read on for more information.
All book clubs can access the library’s book club sets (see below).

Who’s responsible for a book club?

Every book club must have a designated book club coordinator who'll have a book club coordinator membership card—speak to staff for more information.

The book club coordinator is responsible for liaising between the library and the book club members. They’re also responsible for collecting and returning the book club sets to the library. It’s up to the individual book club how the meetings are organised.

What does it cost to join a book club?

$24 per member, per year.

This fee enables your club to borrow up to 12 sets per year. It also gives your club the option to request a title be purchased for a book club set. All money collected will be used to purchase new sets.

What is a book club set?

A book club set contains 10 copies of a particular book and a form to record which member has which copy. The club coordinator can reserve up to 3 sets at a time, however only 2 can be borrowed at any given time—the set you’re currently reading, and the set you’re about to read.

Click HERE to view and reserve book club sets on the library catalogue. Each title has a link to discussion questions which can be download and printed to enhance your club’s discussions.

Who chooses the book club sets?

Book club members can suggest titles to be added to the collection. New Book Club Sets will be purchased four times a year.

Who can borrow book club sets?

Only holders of a Book Club Coordinator card can reserve and borrow Book Club Sets.

How long can a club have a set?

Each club can borrow a particular set for a period of 6 weeks. This allows time for collection of the set before the meeting, and time after the meeting for return.

How to reserve a book club set

Click HERE to view book club sets and place your reserveation.

What happens if any of the books aren’t returned?

The first thing to do is contact your library, we may be able to extend the loan period to give more time to find the item/s. The coordinator of the club should have a list of members and who has which copy. The coordinator must contact the club members to find the lost book. If the title can’t be found, the club is responsible for replacing or paying for the item.

Contact the library regarding any damaged book club books.





Regional Readers Book Club


Regional Readers Book Club is Richmond Tweed Regional Library's online book club, and anyone can join! It's a great place to ask for reading recommendations or to start a discussion on the book your reading.

Occasionally, we'll specify a particular book that we'll all read together. You'll be able to read the selected title as an eBook or eAudiobook, borrow it from the library collection, or from the Quick Reads & Popular Picks section at your local library branch. During the reading period, we'll post questions about the book in the Regional Readers group on Facebook.

Join Regional Readers today by visiting, or search Regional Readers on the Facebook app.