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Eaudiobooks are books that you listen to on devices and computers. Initially created for the vision impared, eaudiobooks have become one of the main ways people read. They're perfect for individuals who love to multitask, infact many people prefer eaudiobooks to music while they work out, cook meals, or just as background noise throughout the day. Talented eaudiobook narrators can make a story come to life, giving you a new way to enjoy reading. Plus, they're easy to use!

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As a library member you have access to Libby, Borrow Box, and Indyreads, and you can use their associated apps to brose, borrow, and enjoy all genres of eaudiobooks. Just download the associated app, create an account, login with your library membership details—listen to books on the go!

Libby Eaudiobooks

Libby App ButtonLibby is an easy to use app where checked-out titles sync automatically to your device. The combined Libby ebook, eaudiobook, and emagazine app, means you can download all of these digital resources from the one app!

First time accessing Libby?
  • Download the Libby app from your app store
  • Have your library card ready
  • Select I'll Search for a Library
  • Search for Richmond Tweed Regional Library
  • Select Enter Library Account Details
  • Type your library card number and PIN number to sign in (Don't know your PIN? contact your local library)
  • Enjoy the best of Australian and international ebooks, eaudiobooks, and emagazines for free, anytime, anywhere!

Login, browse, and borrow!

Minimum browser requirements are Internet Explorer 9 and higher. Alternative browsers are Firefox 3.6 and higher, and Google Chrome.

Download the Libby app from your app store NOW!

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Using a KOBO with Libby

Borrow Box Eaudiobooks

Bolinda Digital is Australia's top publisher of ebooks and eaudiobooks. As a library member, you can choose from a great range of bestselling international and Australian authors on Borrow Box! Borrow up to four Borrow Box ebooks or eaudiobooks for two weeks.

To read on a mobile device, download the Borrow Box Library App from your app store.

Installing and setting up Borrow Box on Android

Access more ’How to’ videos here

Using Borrow Box in five easy steps!


Step One
Join your local public library

Step Two
Install the BorrowBox app on your device

Step Three
Select Richmond Tweed Regional Library

Step Four
Activate with your library membership

Step Five
Borrow free ebooks and eaudiobooks


Login, browse, and borrow!

BorrowBox Support

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Using a KOBO with BorrowBox

Indyreads™ Eaudiobooks

IndyReads™ is a collection of ebooks and eaudiobooks from independent publishers, independantly published authors, and local writers. To access this resource you just need to use your library card number and PIN to borrow, download, and start reading anywhere, anytime!

The IndyReads™ catalogue shows the complete collection of ebooks and eaudiobooks available for loan. Loans are three weeks (but you can be returned early), and at the end of three weeks your loan will expire automatically—just borrow it again if you'd like to continue reading!

There has been a recent update to both the Android and iOS app, with the search page now containing a format filter for ebooks, eaudiobooks, and languages. The topic listing has also been collapsed into two separate headings, fiction and non-fiction. These categories can be expanded to access the subheadings.

Login, browse, and borrow!

The IndyReads™ app is available now from your app store, and is required to read from this provider.

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IndyReads™ User Guide
How-to Video

Please note: The Indy Reads browser portal is no longer compatible with Internet Explorer