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As a library member, you have free access to digital editions of over 2,400 magazines which are available at the same time (if not quicker!) than the print version at your newsagent! Libby emagazines are full cover-to-cover enhanced digital editions of popular Australian and international magazines. Australian Woman’s Weekly, New Idea, National Geographic, Time Magazine and many, many more! You’re sure to find your favourite!

Libby allows you to read emagazines for free, and never return them! You can read on computers, laptops, smart devices, and the Kindle Fire. Libby's technology digitally recreates a magazine page-for-page and includes features such as:
  • full colour pictures
  • intuitive navigation
  • keyword article search;
  • and interactive elements such as audio and video.
And best of all, they’re easy to use!

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Once the app's installed:

  1. Tap on the Libby app icon on your phone
  2. Select ‘Yes’ when asked if you’ve got a library card (make sure you’ve got your card ready!)
  3. Tap ‘Search for a Library’
  4. Type Richmond Tweed and tap on the pop-up text
  5. Tap ‘Sign in with my card’
  6. Type your library card number and PIN number, then tap ‘Sign In’ (Don't know your PIN? Contact your local library!)
  7. You’re in! Head to the Popular Australian Magazines section or search for your favourite!
Enjoy the best of Australian and International ebooks, eaudiobooks, and emagazines, FREE! Anywhere, anytime, all from the one app!

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Minimum browser requirements are Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Firefox 3.6 and higher, and Google Chrome.

Here are some reasons this service is so amazing…
  • No waiting!
  • No holds!
  • You can borrow as many emagazines as you like!
  • You can read them for as long as you want!
  • Libby emagazines are full cover-to-cover, digitally enhanced editions of the print magazines you get in your newsagency or at the library
  • You can read the latest editions at the same time (if not quicker!) than the print version is released at your newsagent or library
  • You can get notified when new editions of your favourite magazines are available
  • You can read previous editions!