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safeTALK Workshops

September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day
We all have a role to play in preventing suicide
This powerful day of global observance brings together over 60 countries, uniting us in our shared mission to promote stigma reduction, advocate for policy change, encourage help seeking, and honour the memories of those lost to suicide, those who have survived suicide attempts, and those who bear the weight of grief.
This year, we are continuing our theme of “We all have a role to play,” echoing the International Association for Suicide Prevention’s (IASP) overarching theme of “Creating hope through action.” In this spirit, we stand united in our commitment to reduce suicide, empowering individuals with the confidence to take action.
In Australia alone, nearly 10 million people have been affected by suicide, which equates to almost half of our nation. At Suicide Prevention Australia, we firmly believe that every single person can play a role in preventing suicide, not only on World Suicide Prevention Day but every day of the year.
To support our community to gain valuable skills, in conjunction with LivingWorks and NSW Health, we are offering four safeTALK workshops across the region aimed at helping anyone who works with, or is close to a young person, recognise a person with thoughts of suicide and connect them with resources who can help them in choosing to live.
Why should I do Suicide Prevention training?
Suicide is the leading cause of death for young people in Australia. Our region has particularly high rates. Everyone can play a role in suicide prevention. However, research indicates that many people lack knowledge and confidence in how to support someone with suicide. Empowerment through suicide education has been demonstrated to be effective in addressing this issue, resulting in increased identification of young people at risk of suicide as well as increased referrals to services. Anyone over 15 can learn the skills to notice the warning signs, ask about suicide and help refer the person to appropriate support. It may be the difference that saves someone's life. 
LivingWorks safeTALK is an in-person half day workshop in Suicide Alertness, where participants learn to identify a young person having thoughts of suicide, ask the question directly and safely, and then refer these individuals further safety and support. LivingWorks safeTALK also addresses common community perceptions and myths around suicide that prevent us from acting, and allows practice asking and referring a young person to further help. 

safeTALK is suitable for most everyone over 15 years old, though if you have been recently and closely bereaved by suicide, we recommended you delay training for a few months or until you feel ready.

To read more about SafeTALK and other LivingWorks training, including the evidence, please visit www.livingworks.com.au.
Ballina Library
Thursday, 9 November
Together, let’s embrace our collective responsibility, champion hope and take meaningful action to save lives.